Sliding doors in super markets, grocery stores and malls will promote the Punchy v. Punchy fight.
  Punchy bop bags will be place at malls and supermarkets. In both sides there will different Punchy so customers can punch the one they dislike.
 Punchy t-shirts so our customers can show support for their favorite Punchy.
 Landing page of punchyvpunchy.com microsite. People will pick their favorite Punchy and fight the Punchy they dislike in an interactive video game.
 The Punchy v. Punchy video game will activate customers web camera, so they can play with their hands against the computer or friends.   Additionally, the game will be launched in tablets, smartphones, and consoles to download as a free game app.
 Also, game cards are going to be sold at convenient stores, malls and supermarkets. These cards will enable players to unlock special Punchy moves to beat other opponents.
 To end the campaign, we will invite the best players to a nationwide tournament to play Kinetic Punchy v. Punchy to decide once for alll which Punchy will be the one in the bottle. The event will be covered live.
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